And we continue to plant!

In the summer of 2018, we planted a church in Rahleigh, NC. pastored by Christian Sapp, a former Bridgeway church plant resident, and Reachway Church in Peoria, pastored by Seth Major, also a former Bridgeway church plant resident. Our current church plant resident, Kevin Gross, and his family are heart invested toward a Bridgeway church plant in Switzerland. God is on the move!

We were planted in 2005 by Pastor Dale Schaeffer and a team from our parent church: Pekin First Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Greg Mason and District Superintendent Crawford Howell). Bridgeway was established as a church planting church whose vision is to specifically connect with those disconnected from God and a community of faith.

For the first seven years of Bridgeway's life, it was mobile--meeting in an auditorium and theater in Morton, Illinois, then a school in Tremont. In 2013, Bridgeway was relocated to Pekin on the second busiest intersection in Tazewell County. Throughout our first ten years, Bridgeway witnessed 806 professions of faith and 309 baptisms! In addition, the culture of Bridgeway encouragesd and empowered the church plant Second Chance Church in Fishers, Indiana.

In 2015, Pastor Jeff Stark joined the team to lead Bridgeway into our next chapter. Central to Bridgeway's effectiveness is the determined work of our pastoral staff, ministry leaders, volunteers, and the investments of both Pekin First Church of the Nazarene and the Northwest Illinois District Church of the Nazarene, and the consistent guiding power of our Mission, Vision, and Values.

In late 2015, a small struggling church approached Bridgeway about merging with us to impact the community of Marquette Heights. Bridgeway accepted the invitation and on January 6, 2016 we launched our Marquette Heights campus. 


Our mission is to connect people to: 

  • Jesus Christ
  • Each Other
  • God's purposes for their lives

Our mission influences everything we do at Bridgeway--from every ministry we launch to every event we offer. If it isn't adhering to the mission God has given us, we don't pursue it. 


To ignite a movement of culturally-relevant, radically-loving, rapidly-reproducing churches preaching HOPE throughout the world. 

Two Fold Strategy

  • To missionally impact 10% of the unchurched population of Tazewell and surrounding counties through a sprawling network of Bridgeway campuses
  • To influence and impact 100 church plants locally, nationally, and globally by 2030. 


Gospel Saturation

Consistently and unashamedly spread the hope of Christ, believing in God's desire for lives changed. 

Local Community Transformation

If a church is going to exist in a community, the community needs to be better for it.

Church Multiplication

Consistent prayerful efforts of expanding themissino of the Kingdom around the globe.


4 Rs.

Respond (Come and see): We seek to create an authentic, unconditionally loving atmosphere where people--no matter where they've been--can respond to the call of God on their lives. 

Realign (Follow me): We seek to connect to Jesus Christ in transformative ways through intentional spiritual growth. Commitment to Jesus means our desire, attitudes, words, actions, and relationships are realigned to the Kingdom of God. 

Restore (You will be): We believe that God meets us where we are but loves us to omuch to leave us where we were. We believe that God's grace restores people, families, relationships, and communities to God's original design

Reproduce (Go and do): We are committed to living out faith in compelling ways, trusting God to reproduce His hope in this world through humble servanthood, brave giving, heart mending, disciple making, and church planting.