The vision that God has given BridgeWay is "Vision 2030" with a two-fold strategy: 

  • To missionally impact 10% of the unchurched population of Tazewell and surrounding counties through a sprawling network of BridgeWay Community Church campuses.
  • To influence and impact 100 church plants locally, nationally, and globally by 2030.


We are fully committed to seeing this vision through by planting BridgeWay campuses and assisting with other church plants throughout Central Illinois.


Our vision is to have a network of BridgeWay campuses in Tazewell Country and surrounding counties. We currently have two local campuses: one in Pekin, IL and one in Marquette Heights, IL. Both campuses feature live worship, BridgeKids, our combined youth group, Merge, and Connect Groups. We also make availabe online our weekend worship experiences through live streaming and recorded video.

Pekin BridgeWay Campus

Marquette Heights BridgeWay Campus


BridgeWay was planted with the intention of being a church that plants other churches. We have embraced church multiplication from the very beginning and have planted two church since we began in 2005. God has given us a vision to impact 100 church plants over the next 13 years, either by actual planting or providing support. We encourage the readiness of church planters through our Church Plant Residency Program.

This 18-month program takes a prospective church planter through three phases:

  • Integration and Acclimation
  • Core Compentency Development
  • Strategic Development and Long Range Planning


Our lead pastor and director of church plant residency makes quarterly assesments with our church plant residents. After the program, the church planter launches with the confidence of having gained nearly two years of hands-on coaching and encouragement from our staff. 


Current Church Plant Resident on Staff

  • Kevin Grose is our European Church Plant Resident. He and his family are participating in our 18-month residency program with the intent to plant a church in Switzerland in 2019. If you are interested in Kevin's plans contact him at